We take orders and pre orders by phone
only for Christmas and New Year’s Eve days.
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Per-Order Line 603-579-9988
GF = Gluten Free
GFO = Gluten Free Option Available for $1.00

SAMPLE BANQUET MENUS (20 person minimum)

$18 per person includes:
Crab Rangoon, Chicken Fingers, Beef Broccoli, Chicken w.Garlic, Pork with Vegetable Vegetable Lo Mein, Vegetable Fried Rice, White Rice (LUNCH ONLY)
$28 per person includes:
Boneless Spare Ribs, Teriyaki Beef Sticks, Chicken Fingers, General Tao's Chicken, Two Brother's Shrimp, Mongolian Beef, Vegetable Fried Rice, White Rice
$38 per person includes:
Coconut Shrimp, Beef Teriyaki, Sesame Spare Ribs, Dumpling, Filet Royal, Crystal Shrimp, Sesame Chicken, Happy Family, Vegetable Fried Rice, White Rice
$48 per person includes:
• Princess Soup
• Bei Jing Duck
• Two Brother's Shrimp
• Sunkist Scallops
• Dragon and Phoenix
• Filet Royal
• Grandma Tofu Pot
• Assorted Vegetable
• Yangzhou Fried Rice

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